Elections Schedule

Elections will occur during General Council meetings (Wednesdays at 7:30pm in 106 West Village G) according to the following schedule. Intents to Run and Draft Presentations are due on the Saturday before the election at noon to the RSA President Felix Moisand at rsapresident.neu@gmail.com.

Postition Election Date Intent to Run & Presentation Due
President March 15th March 11th
VP Operations March 22nd March 18th
VP Advocacy March 29th March 25th
VP Engagement & Leadership March 22nd March 18th
Co-VPs Programming & Collaboration March 15th March 11th
National Communications Coordinator March 29th March 25th


Who to Meet With

If you are planning to run for an Executive Board role, it is strongly encouraged that you meet with the current E-Board member holding that role prior to the election to discuss the role. You are also encouraged to meet with the President and/or other members of the E-Board.

Postition Current E-Board Member Email
President Felix Moisand moisand.f@northeastern.edu
VP Operations Sumeet Chinnappala chinnappala.s@northeastern.edu
VP Advocacy Taha Adams adams.t@northeastern.edu
VP Engagement & Leadership Cassandra Vongrej vongrej.c@northeastern.edu
Co-VPs Programming & Collaboration

Lauren Elkins




National Communications Coordinator Vacant Suggested to meet with President instead.

Additionally, it is recommended that candidates meet with the following stakeholders to best prepare for an election.

Advisor Name Email
RSA Advisor (all positions) Emily O’Brien and Blaise Guerriero emi.johnson@northeastern.edu and/or b.guerriero@northeastern.edu
RSA Program Manager (VPPC) Michelle Puls m.puls@northeastern.edu
RSA Budget Advisor (VPO) Liz Schlerf e.schlerf@northeastern.edu

When requesting meetings, we encourage you to request early and provide several options for meetings.

Intents to Run

Below are the Intents to Run for each of the elected positions. Candidates meeting the constitutional qualifications (as outlined in the info packets above) should complete the Intent to Run and e-mail it to RSA President Felix Moisand at rsapresident.neu@gmail.com by noon on the Saturday before the election (specific dates outlined in the Intent to Run).


VP Operations

VP Advocacy

VP Engagement & Leadership

Co-VPs Programming & Collaboration

National Communications Coordinator