How can I join Hall Council?

Each year in the Fall there are information sessions about how to get involved. There are typically elections around the third week. In order to have your name on the ballot for elections, you must fill out a Hall Council Petition form (which can be found on the Resources page) with signatures from residents in your building complex.

If you were not elected in the Fall, Hall Councils are often looking for help with their programs and initiatives throughout the year, so you can reach out to your specific Hall Council about how to get involved (their contact information can be found here

How often should our Hall Council be meeting?

Hall Councils should be meeting weekly.

What if there is a vacancy on my Hall Council?

Vacancies are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. One of the remaining members on the Hall Council should discuss how to go about filling the position by emailing nuhallcouncils@gmail.com.

I don't see my question on here. Who should I ask?

If your question is about something relevant to your specific Hall Council, you can email them directly. A list of each Hall Council’s contact information can be found here. If your question is about Hall Councils in general, you should email nuhallcouncils@gmail.com.