On-Campus Initiatives

Our organization prides itself on working towards three main campus initiatives. Click below to learn more! 

RSA advocates on behalf of residents through initiatives, programming, and working with administration. The Advocacy committee, chaired by the Vice President for Advocacy, works with the goal of improving life in the Residence Halls. In the past, this committee has led initiatives such as gender-neutral housing, increased sustainability, and laundry improvements. If you want to see something changed in your residence hall or dining hall, let us know in the RSA Feedback Form!

Here are some of the ways in which we advocate for you:

  • We represent students on the Food Advisory Board, which meets monthly with representatives from Dining to discuss ways to improve the dining halls and other food vendors on campus, as well as provide feedback for upcoming events.
  • We also meet with Housing staff to discuss the housing selection process as well as other initiatives like the gender inclusive housing program and the new locks being installed in many buildings.
  • The Advocacy committee also communicates with other schools to learn more about new projects and programs that we can bring to our campus.
  • We are always interested in hearing feedback from residents about dining halls, housing selection, sustainability, and any other housing and advocacy areas. Please reach out to us if you have ideas for improving on-campus advocacy, or an initiative that you want us to work on!

Helpful Links:

Dining Hall Hours and Menus

Dining Comments and Feedback – If you have anything to say about the dining hall, say it here!

Gender Neutral Housing – Learn more about this housing option!

Submit a Work Request – Use this form to request any type of maintenance work in your room or building, including issues with technology, heating, plumbing, pest control, laundry machines, and more.

Campus Safety – Learn about what NUPD and the public safety division do to help keep huskies safe!

Sustainability at Northeastern – Learn more about what our university does to be sustainable!

Husky Card – Find the answers to your Husky Card questions here!

Got an advocacy idea? Tell us! rsa.advocacy@gmail.com

RSA works hard to develop each member into the best student leader that they can be. We have semesterly leadership conferences open to all members of our organization and anyone living on campus. These conferences have been described as a family vacation of sorts, because of the fun and relaxed atmosphere. We play games and do activities based on communication skills, networking, team building, and more. They are held in different locations with different activities each time, but they are always a great chance to make new friends, get closer to RSA, and grow as a student leader. Each RSA member is encouraged to attend an additional committee meeting, and these committees are a wonderful way to gain leadership experience without too much commitment. Committees are a smaller setting with a more focused goal, so students are encouraged to speak out and make sure their ideas are heard. They are able to see their ideas take shape and be put into action. We also have many positions and chances to gain experience as a student leader throughout the year. In addition to our elected executive board positions and elected officer positions, each vice president has one or two Assistant Vice Presidents. These people are selected by their respective Vice President based on an application process. These people are usually given more responsibility than the standard committee member, and are trained on the behind the scenes of being in the organization. Depending on the particular AVP, they get opportunities to present programs at internal conferences, plan and run their own program on campus,  or get to be in a boardroom deciding on NEACURH/NACURH legislation.

RSA is run by students, for students. We work hard to make Northeastern University more than just your school, we want it to be your home. As a result, we organize on lots of fun and exciting programs to build community and make your experience at Northeastern great such as Husky Hunt (our own 24 hour scavenger hunt all around Boston) and Snowball (our annual semi-formal dance)! Our events often have meaningful goals behind them, such as our annual Sex Week which promotes both acceptance as well as sexual health. We often collaborate with other clubs and organizations on campus to create a bigger and/or better events.