Each residence hall at Northeastern has a Hall Council consisting of five elected positions, each with their own responsibilities:

The President is responsible for overseeing the Hall Council as a whole and making sure that Hall Council programs and initiatives run smoothly.

The Vice President is responsible for serving as the Hall Council’s liaison to RSA, meaning they are responsible for attending weekly RSA General Council meetings and informing their Hall Council about what is happening with RSA. They represent their hall during RSA meetings (such as sharing upcoming events in their halls or raising a concern brought to their attention that apply to residential community as a whole).

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the Hall Council’s spending and filling out the necessary financial paperwork.

In addition to the elected positions above, each Hall Council has a Residence Director (RD) who serves as their primary Advisor. The elected Hall Council members may also create additional Hall Council positions such as floor representatives as they deem appropriate.